About Lyman Whitaker

LymanInternationally renowned sculptor Lyman Whitaker is widely respected for the sophistication of his Wind Sculptures. Since the 1980’s he has focused his artistic ability on gracefully capturing the spirit of the wind through his kinetic art. In his first years of college, Lyman learned classical sculpture techniques from respected¬†Utah artist, Avard Fairbanks. Later he studied under Angelo Caravaglia, an accomplished contemporary ¬†sculptor. It was during this time that Lyman first experimented with kinetic art. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Utah in 1976. Lyman’s fascination with our planet led him to travel the world, including a 5-month stay in Antarctica in 1972, where he erected a huge sundial at the South Pole. A decade later he settled into a partnership with the wind. The international success of his kinetic works has allowed him to construct a well-equipped studio near Zion National Park in Utah. Together with his wife Stacy and brother John, he has built a creative partnership based on complementary talents. Lyman dedicates his work to the wind and weather. He hopes above all that his sculptures will inspire love for our earth’s thin, moving layer of air – it warms us, gives us breath, sustains our being.